International cooperation

Union Nikola Tesla university has set its goals to start and establish active international cooperation as a method for opening up our university to ever more global academic network, and to contribute to it. Main goal, based on Internationalization strategy, was to join Erasmus+ Programme, which is a gateway and standard for any form of contribution to academic networks in the world.

First steps of the implementation of the Strategy was forming International Office of the university, and establishing a system of cooperation between academic and administrative staff in it, and preparing the grounds for future projects.

The office will comprise of three qualified professionals experienced in international collaborations – from academic staff director of internationalization and internationalisation coordinator, and from administration staff internationalisation officer all appointed by respective Deans decision.

Structure of IO (International Office) is expanded across all faculties on university and it consists of appointed international officers in every faculty of the university, so as to be prepared to answer, cooperate, and be actively involved in all specific students and teachers’ questions and problems in academic life.

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